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  • Room of the mayor
  • Oldness and the tax payment
  • Emigration, domiciliation
  • Unoccupied house bank
  • Company invitation information
  • Great East Japan Earthquake related information

Movement of person

As of February 28, 2017

  • Population of town: 9,044 people
  • Man: 4,497 people
  • Woman: 4,547 people
  • The number of the households: 3,289 households

National tax electron report, tax payment system


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Life event

Procedures depending on event in life

  • Delivery, child care
  • Admission, entrance to school
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Garbage, moving
  • Health, medical care
  • Elderly person
  • Condolences
  • Emigration, domiciliation


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Kawasaki-machi government office 〒 989-1592 kyujokenshibadengunkawasakichodaijizenkawajiricho 175-1
Telephone: 0224-84-2111 (main) FAX: 0224-84-6789 (main) (main)

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